About Us

Created in 2007, from the Santa Cruz County Cohousing group that had been meeting for six years New Brighton Cohousing, bought an existing rental townhouse complex that had been built in the 1970s with an original house that was built in the 1940s. Those three founding members then worked to find people for the other eight units. When they moved in eight months later, all but one unit had sold. Most of the original owners are still here, but we have had a small, healthy turnover. As we say now, this is the perfect time in the life of our community- old enough that all the really hard work of starting a cohousing community has been done, but new enough that we are still open and willing to entertain new ideas to make the community better.

We are a fun, caring and active intentional neighborhood where we know and care about our neighbors. We are diverse in ages, ranging from 4 to 80 years old. We get to know and enjoy each other at regular community dinners, social activities, work parties and affinity group work.

Profiles of members coming shortly.

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